Anxiety & Stress


Stress is a perfectly normal response to those situations in life that really stretch you, or put you under pressure. That job interview, those end of year exams or your driving test. Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at some point or other in their life. However, when these feelings become the norm (and this can sometimes be a gradual process) you can begin to feel you are losing control of your life.


Anxiety is a major underlying symptom of many disorders, phobias, panic attacks, social anxiety, blushing, skin problems and weight management to name but a few.


Having difficulty getting off to sleep happens to everyone from time to time, It can be frustrating and really spoil how you feel the next day. However, when this pattern of insomnia continues night after night, it can begin to become a real problem. Starting each day off feeling exhausted before you even begin, can have a devastating effect on other areas of your life.

**For some people, medication helps a lot, either over the counter or from their GP, for others, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works really well.


**Any changes to your medication should be carried out in consultation with your GP and/or mental health practitioner.

Sessions always involve positive talking therapy and deeply relaxing hypnosis, 

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