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Drift off, as  we go through a full body relaxation... wonderful for helping you to unwind and fall asleep more easily. Then we continue on a magical guided journey, finishing off with some very helpful gentle hypnotic suggestions which will set you on the road to a calm, relaxed state of mind, where you can cope better and feel happier.

You too can benefit from the track I give my clients when they  come for an Initial Consultation with me for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It lasts just over half an hour. 

If you have started a course of treatment with me, I will probably have given you your usb flash drive with this track on. If not, please *download this track and use it at bedtime (it will really relax you) as we have discussed. It supports your therapeutic sessions and is an integral part of your ongoing treatment.

Listening to this track through headphones is recommended.

The track is set to "Letting Go" by the composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke and contains Alpha binaural beats. Alpha beats gently and safely, temporarily adjust the dominant frequency of your own brainwaves, helping you to more easily achieve a state of deep relaxation. 

*If you own an iPad, an iPhones, or any similar Apple product, you will have to put this track into iTunes before it is able to download to your device.


If you feel you are ready to Rediscover Yourself through a course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, please do not hesitate to contact me ...or a therapist in your area

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Please note:  This download will not work when directly downloaded to iPhones.  
Please download via a desktop or laptop computer, then transfer to your phone using iTunes.

Beautifully recorded by Michael Cusato, in Dinas Mawddwy, Wales, UK
All Copyrights Claire Wiggins 2014