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Audio track: Relaxation and Coping Calmly 

This is the track that I give you when you come for your Initial Consultation with me for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. 

It lasts just over half an hour, taking you through a full body relaxation... wonderful for helping you to unwind and fall asleep more easily. Then we go on a magical guided journey, finishing off with some very helpful gentle hypnotic suggestions which will set you on the road to a calm, relaxed state of mind, where you can cope better and feel happier.

The backing track is the wonderfully relaxing Letting Go by composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke, and it contains Alpha binaural beats. It was recorded in Wales by Michael Cusato.


Hypnotherapy Session Vouchers

Up to 10% Discount for Online Advance Booking of Single Sessions. 

Even more if you book our

"8 Week Hypnotherapy Programme" or

"5 for the price of 4 Programme" 

Perhaps you know someone who would benefit from the results of hypnotherapy or other healing  or coaching sessions? 

You can pay for your session online with a voucher in advance of your appointment (call Claire to arrange a time and location). This gives you up to 10% discount on single sessions and more if you buy a programme.

These vouchers can be bought in several values, or for specific sessions and can be used as part or full payment towards a hypnotherapy or healing treatment only at North Wales Hypnotherapy.

*Vouchers are non-refundable, and 24hrs notice is required to reschedule appointments.
**Reduced rates for under 16s** (parental/guardian consent required)
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