Disordered Eating

Research from the NHS information centre shows that up to 6.4% of adults displayed signs of an eating disorder (Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2007). This research suggested that up to 25% of those showing signs of an eating disorder were male. In February 2015, it was estimated that more than 725,000 people in the UK are affected.

Professor John Morgan at Leeds Partnership NHS Foundation Trust designed the SCOFF screening tool to indicate a possible eating disorder. A score of two or more positive answers is a positive screen.

SCOFF questionnaire:

  • Do you ever make yourself Sick because you feel uncomfortably full?
  • Do you worry you have lost Control over how much you eat?
  • Have you recently lost more than One stone in a three month period?
  • Do you believe yourself to be Fat when others say you are too thin?
  • Would you say that Food dominates your life.

(from Beat website where help and information can be found if you are worried about yourself or someone you know)

Although many eating disorders develop during adolescence, it is not at all unusual for people to develop eating disorders earlier or later in life.  Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating, are often an outlet for a range of emotions including anger, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.  Such responses can be caused by a variety of factors: a general inability to cope, psychological trauma, bereavement or difficult relationships. Eating disorders can develop as a coping mechanism in response to these stresses. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy  tackles these conditions by reducing anxiety and helping clients to regain a sense of perspective; once anxiety is under control many troublesome symptoms can be alleviated, including unhelpful behaviours associated with food. 

*Obviously, the first port of call when looking for help is always through your GP, or you can contact the Beat (beating eating disorders) helpline.*

 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a positive and enjoyable approach which never dwells on problems. If you want to find out how you can work towards the positive future you want for yourself,

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Weight Management

When it comes to achieving and maintaining our ideal weight, there is no quick fix.  Diets will only work on a short term basis, it is much better to change your mind about the way you eat, the way you think about food, and keeping yourself motivated.

If you want to reach your ideal weight, and that means losing, OR putting on weight,  and stay there then you really need to change the way you think about food.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy aims to help you to find what works for you. When anxiety and stress levels are lower we become less likely to experience the emotional highs and lows that can lead to us eating inappropriate amounts of food at the wrong time.

If you would like to discuss weight management, or are ready to change the way you think about food, get in touch. Book Claire's DISCOUNTED programmes  for individual & group weight management. See my Vouchers for details and a further online 10% discount

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