Claire Wiggins Hypnotherapist

Claire Wiggins Hypnotherapist


Solution Focused for Results

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a highly effective cutting-edge combination of positive psychotherapy and relaxing, pleasant hypnosis.

It can help with a range of conditions, including: weight management, issues around food, insomnia, stress & anxietyconfidence, irrational fears, smoking and other habits & addictions, performance, pain, birthing and more. 

This wonderful approach gives you a new understanding of yourself and your own natural abilities to bring about beneficial transformation in your life. It only ever focuses on what you would like to achieve, and never on any problems.

North Wales Hypnotherapy is the clinical practice of Claire Wiggins. Claire is a fully qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Supervisor. She is also a lecturer for Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) North Wales & Borders.