Low Mood & Anger

Low Mood

Everyone can suffer with low mood from time to time. But when feelings of hopelessness or despair become overwhelming and persist for weeks or even longer, it can seem almost impossible to remember what life was like before you felt so bad. There are many symptoms of depression, and they can be successfully treated with the right approach. 

Medication can be very helpful**, as can many complementary therapies. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one such approach. It can help you to rediscover the vital, vibrant person you really are. First and foremost, hypnotherapy helps you to restore your sleep to its natural regular pattern. This helps you to feel refreshed, and ready for the new day when you wake up. The Solution Focused approach is a collaborative one. It is a journey of discovery. Claire works with you to help you find those inner resources which are exactly what you need, to help you towards that positive future you want for yourself.



Anger is a natural primitive brain reaction. It is the fight element of the fight or flight response, which comes into play when the brain thinks we are in some sort of life threatening situation. This is perfectly acceptable, if we are confronted by aggressive wild animals or attackers, but not when that driver just cut you up on the roundabout.

When our anger is hard to control, or it is inappropriate, it can become a destructive force in our lives, hurting those around us and straining our relationships, sometimes to breaking point.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to make those vital changes to the way you think, the way you act and the way you interact. You will never be subjected to any analytical psychotherapy or be asked to relive any difficult situations. All you will ever be asked to do is to build up a positive picture of the future you want, and of the you you want to be. 

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**Any changes to your medication should be carried out in consultation with your GP and/or mental health practitioner.